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Story Problems

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Story Problem Steps (What's the procedure?):

    1. Read the story problem like a story.

            Ask "what"

               What is it about?               What do you want to know?

               What is happening?           What do you already know?

    2. Re-read

           Look at language and word and punctuation choices.

           What helps you to understand?  What is tricky?


    3. Re-read

           Make a sketch.

           Decide how you could solve it (options) and choose.

           Solve the problem

           Fill in the statement (see step 2)


Situational problem vs. Solution problem

     Situational problem = exactly what is happening in the story?

     Solution problem = how you choose to solve the problem based on what you understand about mathematics and its rules.


                                                                           Look for student products to come to this area!

3. Susan bought 24 cupcakes and made another two batches of 16 cupcakes each.  How many cupcakes does she have?

4. Alana had 12 shells in her collection. She gave half of her shells to her sister. Then she found 14 more shells on the beach. How many shells does Alana have now?

9. Mr. Wagner has 32 horses on his farm. He has 4 times as many horses as Mr. Cruz. How many horses does Mr. Cruz have?

       solution by Mallory and Ava

13. Mr. Helms has 2 stables with 4 horses in each stable. Ms. Martinez had 4 more horses than Mr. Helms. How many horses does Ms. Martinez have?

21. Mica saves $8 each week for a video game that costs $48. It is week three. How many more weeks does Mica need to save for the game?

     solution by Brianna and Malaya


27. Hurricane Teresa leveled four times as many houses as Hurricane Julian.  If Teresa destroyed 32 homes, how many homes did the two storms obliterate altogether?

35. Hank did eighteen fewer

push-ups than Val.  Val did 32 push-ups. Altogether, How many push-ups did they do?

48. Gabe is ordering pizza for himself and three friends. He wants to make sure everyone gets two pieces of pizza. Into how many slices should he ask the pizza man to cut the pizza?

16. Travis earns eight dollars an hour. He works for 7 hours. He puts his earnings into the bank with the 24 dollars he already had. How much money is in his bank?

     Solution by Chris and Isaiah

In the course of one week, the grey cat caught eleven more mice than the black cat. If together the two cats caught 51 mice in the week, how many mice did the grey cat catch?




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